Good, Bad or No Credit

ABLA is your choice of Alternative Lenders or SBA 7(a) Lenders.

Fast Processing

Alternative lenders process applications online and funds are usually available within 3 business days. in most cases

Small business financing solutions

Start-up (6 months-1 year) in business and established small businesses are eligible.

Why Alternative Lending?

Its Significance In The Lending Industry

Alternative lending is a broad term used to describe the wide range of loan options available to small businesses and consumers outside of a traditional bank loan.

These options are most commonly used when an individual or a business owner cannot obtain a traditional bank loan for any number of reason, or they are just looking for unconventional method of financing such as Invoice financing and Factoring, which  most traditional lenders do not normally offer, and they have to turn to alternative lenders. They now play a significant role in the lending industry, by filling the gap created by traditional lenders as a result of increase in the number of personal and small business loans that are being declined.

Not all alternative lenders offer the same financing programs to small businesses, and they also vary in the amount of loans or financing provided, rates, terms, credit score where applicable, years in business, annual revenue, etc.

Use of funds can include working capital, debt refinance, inventory or supplies  purchasing, equipment loan or leasing, new business start-up, etc.


They operate mostly online, using the latest technology to process applications, with very limited underwriting requirements, resulting in loan decision made quickly, usually within minutes, and funds can be available in your bank account in 2-3 days.

One of the advantages of alternative lending over traditional lending is its flexibility. For example, credit score, as a weighted factor in making credit decision, is not heavily considered and applicants with low credit score or bad credit in the range of 500 -550, are not denied financing simply because of this ; other factors considered as well. This is not the case with traditional lending . In fact, credit score is irrelevant in some types of alternative financing such as account receivables or factoring, where the credit-worthiness of the applicant’s customers becomes more relevant. Alternative lenders also extend financing to start-up small businesses; businesses that have been operating less than one year; this is not very common in the traditional lending environment.

Alternative lending comes in different forms, including Tern loans, Lines of credit, Invoice Factoring, Accounts Receivable (A/R) financing, Equipment financing, Personal loans, Crowdfunding, etc.

No balloon payments
Low equity requirements
Improved cash flow

Includes very high interest rates (APR), short repayment time, hidden fees, costs, etc.